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If it’s your first time remodeling, third time, or you just need additional guidance…

we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions by our clients and answered them here to help you get started


What is the difference between interior design vs. kitchen and bathroom design?

  • An interior designer is focused more on the aesthetic of the space involved, while a kitchen and bathroom designer aims to construct a spatial design involving size, form and functional attributes of a space, combined with product specifications and NKBA guidelines, while simultaneously keeping the client’s style and vision in mind.

What design program does AKB Chicago use in the design process?

  • Our designer utilizes 20/20 design software to produce exact layouts and floor plans of your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Our design program is only compatible with the brands we work with, therefore, we cannot design layouts using other brands, nor do our designs transfer to meet the specifications of other cabinetry brands.

What is the difference between framed, frameless and inset cabinetry?

  • Framed cabinetry indicates that the cabinet door is attached via hinge to an 1.5” frame that is placed on the front opening of the cabinet, the door then rests on that frame.
  • Frameless cabinetry indicates that the cabinet door is attached via hinge to the box of the cabinet (there is no frame). This type of cabinetry is also referred to as “full access” as it allows for wider drawers, roll outs and interior accessories because there is no frame protruding into the cabinet that it needs to pass by.
  • Inset cabinetry doors are set into the cabinet frame and fit flush with the face of the cabinet when closed. With this type of door, the hinges can either be concealed or exposed.

What is the difference between full overlay and standard/traditional overlay doors?

  • Full Overlay doors indicate that the door covers most of the face frame of the cabinetry, meaning less space in between cabinet doors
  • Standard/traditional overlay doors leave the face frame a bit more exposed than the full overlay doors, meaning there is space between cabinet doors and hardware isn’t necessarily required to open the cabinet

What is the difference between furniture board and plywood construction?

  • Furniture board construction, consists of engineered wood composite fibers that have been compressed and adhered together with resin to form different pieces of the cabinetry.
  • Plywood construction, goes a step further by compressing multiple thinner layers of wood veneer together, to form the overall panel thickness in the cabinetry.

What is the average timeframe for construction during a remodeling project?

  • Depending on the scope of work, and whether it is a kitchen or bathroom remodel, the average amount of time our customers find they are under construction, from demo to finish work is approximately 4-6 weeks at the least.  Typically bathrooms take a bit longer, an additional 1-2 weeks.

Factors that may extend the standard construction timeframe include:
*redoing flooring

*taking down existing wall structure

*adjusting the existing layout

*waiting on replacement material

Does AKB Chicago have any in-stock cabinetry?

  • AKB Chicago does not stock cabinetry or additional items. All materials are made to order. This eliminates backorders and maintains precise lead times.

Do cabinets come with hardware attached?

  • Cabinets do not arrive with pre-selected hardware. AKB Chicago carries multiple hardware brands, with many samples in our showroom, in order to give our customers a large selection of styles and finishes.

What is included in a cabinetry quote?

  • AKB Chicago’s cabinetry quotes only include the cost of the cabinets themselves. Any other materials, or accessories, are to be quoted separately.

What are the standard leadtimes for cabinetry?

Standard leadtimes vary by the brand of your chosen cabinetry brand. Below are our standard leadtimes:

  • Merillat Classic: 12-13 weeks
  • Merillat Masterpiece: 15-16 weeks
  • Dura Supreme Cabinetry: 18-21 weeks
  • Das Holz Haus Cabinetry: 12-16 weeks

**(custom orders may take up to 12 weeks, if there is a custom piece of furniture that is quoted out and needs to be approved by the client before it is built; this also can be applied to any order that includes custom colors)

What is the shipping process for cabinetry orders?

  • Once a cabinetry order is placed, clients are informed of an expected shipping date of the order. It is sent to our delivery service.
  • Once the order is shipped, our Project Coordinator communicates with you when the order is expected to be delivered to our delivery service.
  • Once the order arrives, our Project Coordinator will discuss with you when the best date and time will be for in-home delivery.

What is included in a countertop quote?

  • All available color options chosen by the client will be included in the quote.
  • Measure, fabrication and installation, delivery, taxes, mounting of a sink are included in the quote.
  • If needed, removal of existing countertops will be quoted separately.
  • Countertops are only quoted for complete kitchen and bath projects that include design services, cabinetry, etc. 

What is the difference between quartz and granite countertops?

  • Granite countertops are 100% natural; which means that it is a porous material that needs to be resealed periodically. It can have fissures, carbon spots and/or hairline fractures, all of which are considered natural characteristics and therefore are usually unavoidable, which is why we require our customers who decide to use any sort of natural material for their countertops to view and select their slabs first hand at our fabricator specified warehouses.
  • Quartz countertops are composed of approximately 93% natural stone (chunks of Quartzite taken from slabs of Granite and Quartzite) and resin to bind the material to a consistency that is replicated from quartz sample to slab. Quartz is non-porous and does not need to be resealed. It is heat and stain-resistant.

What is the standard leadtime for countertop installation?

  • Fabrication of countertops, from time of scheduled measurement to installation, is about two weeks.
  • AKB Chicago’s Project Coordinator will direct the communication regarding the scheduling of both measurement and installation, between the client and fabricator.

Does AKB Chicago work in highrise buildings?

Yes! We will work with you and your building management to ensure an efficient execution of your project.

Does AKB Chicago provide delivery services?

  • Andersonville Kitchen & Bath partners with Victory Movers to provide in home delivery. Usually this service in the Chicago area ranges from $350-$450 but can vary depending on the amount of cabinetry to be delivered.

Does AKB Chicago provide installation services?

  • AKB Chicago does not directly provide or manage labor contractors to work on your remodeling project. However, we may share with you a resource that many of our past clients worked with and have had positive experiences employing, should you need a referral.
  • During the renovation, AKB Chicago will gladly communicate with any contractor the client chooses to employ regarding the details of the project. Notes from our designer are included in the designed layouts to help guide the contractor through installation.

Do you process orders for replacement parts/doors?

  • If an order is covered under warranty we will provide contact information for warranty replacement

Do you re-finish, re-paint or re-face cabinetry?

  • At this time this is not a service that we offer. Only full cabinetry replacement

If you have any remaining questions, please contact us for further information.