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Want a kitchen that steals the show?  Today’s blog entry spotlights specialty finishes from our Dura Supreme line of frameless cabinetry.

Specialty finishes can include: acrylic doors, textured foils, gloss foils.. etc.





Frameless cabinetry is the type of cabinet box that does not include a frame, meaning the door hinge is attached directly to the box itself.  This allows for a sleeker look, and more clearance for home items, such as plates, to fit into the cabinets.  Choosing to have your kitchen or bathroom remodeled with this type of contemporary styling will make your space feel fresh and sleek, mostly due to the clean lines that frameless cabinetry offers.







These doors have a layer of acrylic applied to the door itself.  This allows for a couple of different options in how the edges of the doors will look (see edgeband options).




In this project, our designer extended the wall cabinets to the ceiling, allowing the light to reflect as much

as possible off of the acrylic finish of these slab cabinet doors.

Dura Supreme Ava Door Acrylic Gloss White || Designed by AKB Chicago


As these specialty finish doors are “flat-paneled” slabs, there is room to play with the design in items such as the countertop or tile backsplash.  There’s always a way to bring in some unique characteristics to any design!  If you’re looking for a bit stronger of a statement, how about giving glass painted backsplash a try?  Check out the bold green color in one of our showroom displays:



Foils include a selection of finishes, ranging from textured to gloss and wired.  The application here is slightly comparable, as in this type of door, a layer of vinyl type material is applied to the door itself with heat and bonding properties.





Having a textured foil door will definitely feel a lot different to the touch than a traditional wood door.  It’s an easy to clean option that adds dimension to the design, while maintaining clean lines.  A great way to maximize design potential is to use contrasting colors or door types, like in this model Dura Supreme kitchen.  The darker island balances out the large open space, grounding it, while the lighter colored textured foil cabinets in the perimeter outline the kitchen nicely.  It offers a soothing natural look for the space that’s the heart of the home.






Stop by today to learn more about our specialty finish products, or browse our gallery for more inspirational contemporary kitchen designs!





Written by: Monica Milewski, AKB Chicago Project Coordinator