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While looking at new countertops in 2019, you’ll probably stumble across more surface finishes then the standard polished as there are a variety of countertop finishes such as: honed, polished, and raw. Although each countertop line may call these finishes different things, they are for the most part, very similar across countertop brands. In this


So after days of contemplating over a plethora of options you’ve finally picked out your countertops to accentuate your kitchen! But did you know that in lieu of the usual path of countertops with standard backsplash, you can also opt for a waterfall countertop? Now what is a waterfall countertop? It’s a continuation of the


Quartz is becoming one of the most utilized countertop materials in home remodels.  Composed of about 93% natural ground quartz, It is a man-made engineered stone material, that combines the stone with resins, polymers and pigments to produce a unique color selection.  This also increases a manufacturer’s ability to produce consistent looking slabs. When viewing