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While looking at new countertops in 2019, you’ll probably stumble across more surface finishes then the standard polished as there are a variety of countertop finishes such as: honed, polished, and raw. Although each countertop line may call these finishes different things, they are for the most part, very similar across countertop brands.

In this post we will go over the two most popular choices in countertop finishes, both honed and polished.

First up is a polished surface; this particular finish is the standard of quartz countertops. Polished surfaces tend to be more popular due to their easy maintenance and glossy top that reflects light in a flattering way.

Since a polished surface is so smooth, they’re easy to clean up when cooking in the kitchen. Another benefit to the glossy finish is lighting from overhead can bounce off of the countertop and help make a space look larger than it really is while also lightening up the room.

Next up is the honed finish, a treated surface that creates a matte look on the countertop. Although this finish has been around for a while, it still isn’t as popular or as well known as a polished surface.

Honed surfaces do have a little bit more daily maintenance, especially if you cook in the kitchen more and tend to use a variety of oils. Hand prints and various marks tend to be more noticeable due to the surface treatment of making the countertop matte. Although this might make you rethink getting a honed surface; just a quick daily cleaning of Windex with a soft cloth will clean the countertop no problem.

Honed surfaces will not reflect overhead lighting as much as a polished surface. In some cases, especially in a large space, that can be beneficial as you don’t need light reflection to help open up the room.

There’s always something new to learn about what surface is appropriate for a dream space but hopefully this blog post has covered some of the basics and perhaps even inspired your next design decision!  To view additional pictures of these projects, please visit our remodel project gallery by clicking here.
Written by: Marnie Knouse, AKB Chicago Project Coordinator