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If one thing is for sure in the approaching new year, it’s that there are bound to be a bunch of new kitchen design trends to watch out for! With 2024 rapidly approaching and resolutions piling up, designing an all new kitchen is sure to be on the top of the list for many homeowners. Here at AKB, we keep our fingers on the pulse of what is most on trend when revitalizing kitchen spaces.


Here are the top 5 most popular kitchen design trends to watch out for in the new year:


1. Green, Green, Green!

From the softest of sages to the darkest of emeralds, green kitchens are in high demand. Whether you want a stoic, moody space, or a relaxed vibe, this color is sure to liven up your kitchen. As an extremely versatile earth tone, green pairs excellently with other neutral tones, from creamy whites to natural woods. Fearful of too much green? Try dual tone cabinetry, as seen in the image above. While 2023 is on it’s way out, green kitchens are sure to stick around for quite some time!


2. Bigger, Better Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are getting more expansive and purposeful. Long gone are the days of islands being primarily used as simply extra counter space. Kitchen islands are becoming a lot more conversational and social, as opposed to only standing bar areas. Nowadays, multiple seating options on either–or both–sides of an island are all the rage. Additionally, more clients are eager to have oversized counter slabs and waterfall edges on their kitchen islands. Kitchen islands are now rapidly evolving into entertaining and ornate statement pieces; with a purpose far exceeding additional kitchen prep space.


3. Tiles With Texture

As we move towards the new year, this brings new choices with tiling. Desire for a more textured, handmade look in tiles has increased greatly in the last few years. Neutral kitchen spaces are immediately more interesting when adding a pop of texture into tiling. Contrasting the unique character of a textured, ridged, or embossed tile against sleek and modern cabinetry will exponentially elevate your kitchen space.


4. Moving on From Marble

Although marble is elegant and visually stunning, it can be a major hassle to upkeep. With so many clients being busy working individuals or families, the rigorous cleaning and maintenance needed for marble countertops often proves too tiresome. Enter: quartz. Comparable to marble in it’s beauty and veining, quartz countertops are much easier to clean. In the new year, consider selecting this porous and durable material for your countertops!


5. Modern Slab Style Door Cabinetry

While shaker style cabinets have been the go-to staple of the last decade, to quote Bob Dylan, “the times, they are a-changing”! Many clients are eager to swap their traditional looking shaker cabinetry for the clean, sophisticated look of the slab style. From appliances such as microwaves or coffee makers hidden behind lift cabinetry–rather than out on the counters–to minimalist drawer pulls, the “less is more” design approach has become increasingly popular.


As we close out 2023, one thing is for sure: there’s always plenty of new and exciting trends evolving within the world of kitchen design!

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Written by Kara Glennie
AKB Project Coordinator