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  Want a kitchen that steals the show?  Today’s blog entry spotlights specialty finishes from our Dura Supreme line of frameless cabinetry. Specialty finishes can include: acrylic doors, textured foils, gloss foils.. etc.         Frameless cabinetry is the type of cabinet box that does not include a frame, meaning the door hinge


The major focus of planning a remodel is oftentimes, and rightly so, the design, the materials and managing the labor involved in the project. However, there are certain items on your to-do checklist that sometimes are not as focused on, but preparing for them can ensure a more smooth transition from old space to new.


Quartz is becoming one of the most utilized countertop materials in home remodels.  Composed of about 93% natural ground quartz, It is a man-made engineered stone material, that combines the stone with resins, polymers and pigments to produce a unique color selection.  This also increases a manufacturer’s ability to produce consistent looking slabs. When viewing


MOST COMMON WOOD SPECIES USED IN HOME CABINETRY Wondering about the types of wood species available in cabinetry? This week we will share features of some common types. The choice of which wood species you use in your cabinetry can dramatically alter the style and look of your space. MAPLE One of the most commonly