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Wondering about the types of wood species available in cabinetry? This week we will share features of some common types. The choice of which wood species you use in your cabinetry can dramatically alter the style and look of your space.


One of the most commonly used wood species in remodeling projects is maple. It offers the most consistent look in cabinetry, due to its usually straight grained nature. It is strong and hard, making it a durable wood that will hold its shape well. Additionally, maple takes applied stain in a much more consistent manner, making it a great choice for any cabinetry project where the client is desiring a consistent look across doors.



Another wood species used in home remodeling projects is cherry. Depending on the cabinet door choice, this wood can be made to look appealing in a variety of design styles. As a warm-toned wood, it works well in designs that want to bring some more mid-century modern appeal to it.   It is a rich-colored moderate hardwood that may contain some natural variations in wood pattern.  Cherry woods do tend to darken over time, especially in areas exposed to a lot of natural light, so it is important to take a note of the space where cabinetry will be placed when remodeling.



Oak is a strong, open grained wood that is versatile in the design styles that will utilize it. With the use of the right stain, it can even be a feature of contemporary designs. As a strong wood that is shock resistant, it is very popular to use oak woods for floors. In cabinetry, white oaks have a straighter grain, whereas red woods has less variability.



Hickory is a heavier grained wood that has a pattern that can include straight, wavy and irregular grains. It is dramatic in its color variation, however, a darker stain would decrease the degree of such variance.  Hickory makes for an eye-catching design element.


As we can see, each wood species has its own unique look.  While these are some of the most popular types of wood, there are even more choices to chose from in custom lines of cabinetry.  With every project, it is truly up to the client to decide what wood species best fits their space.  As a kitchen and bathroom design showroom, we can work with all types of woods in our designs for clients.  Stop by today to browse all of our door and color samples to find your right match!



Written by: Monica Milewski, AKB Chicago Project Coordinator